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Sunday, December 20th 2015, 2:04am

Author: freeling

The Meaning Is Sometimes Hidden Behind The Words

Please read my text a second time with the knowledge the writer immediately left his master when the terrible truth about his abuse of the women came out. The text tells you how a true master behaves. It is written for those who stay to the false master because they are not able to understand the terrible truth.

Friday, December 18th 2015, 8:47am

Author: freeling

Translation in English will follow soon

Before New Year English translation will come. I wish you all a happy Christmas !

Thursday, December 17th 2015, 5:56pm

Author: freeling

Why I will never leave my master

WARUM ICH MEINEN MEISTER NIE VERLASSEN WERDE Es war in Vep in Ungarn. Wir waren einige hundert Schüler in der Halle, saßen um unseren Meister herum, der mitten unter uns stand und einen Vortrag hielt. In der Pause gingen einige Schüler zu ihm, um ihm zu sagen, dass sie ein schönes Haus ganz in der Nähe gefunden hätten, in dem er wohnen könnte. Es hätte ein großes bequemes Bett und liege ganz ruhig. Unser Meister zeigte sich hocherfreut und sagte: Wenn Ihr für alle hier solche Häuser gefunden hab...

Tuesday, January 15th 2013, 12:06am

Author: freeling

Thanks to our brave women !

Being shocked about the very bad situation of women in India , I feel a strong need to thank our brave women with their testimonies. They opened our eyes. Very often I think of them and admire their strength. Thank you so much. You have done a heavy and great work. Many people here in Hamburg think as I do . I hope you feel that you have support from all over the world. God bless you.

Tuesday, November 27th 2012, 11:25am

Author: freeling

For Cici from Hamburgian friends

We want to thank Cici with all our hearts. With his truthfulness he helped us and many others to realize and to decide for the truth. Whenever he was in our city to hold satsangs and lectures we were impressed by his clearness of speech, his wisdom, love and deep spirituality. We will always keep him in our hearts and wish him to stay in the devine light now.