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Recovery Tips

Some practical recovery tips

Shivashakti August 10 

Its helped my healing learning about cults and beliefs: Here is a list from exit-counselling about what helps recovery...
• Being away from the group (Hassan) 
• Creativity – writing, artistic expression (like some of the beautiful poems and pictures here!)
• Journaling/journal therapy or authentic writing (Dan Shaw)
• Returning to pre-cult appearance – or creating new appearance 
• Reading – cult recovery books and other types of books 
• Television and movies - The Wave, Manchurian Candidate and many others 
• Meeting up with other ex-members, i guess like this forum..
• Work 
• Study 
• Humour and fun 
• Exploring spirituality (when ready) 
• Warning others about cults 
• Returning to family and friends
- Finding your 'pre-group' personality
- also looking at what drew you to that teacher or group..where were you in your life..were you in transition between relationships, work, study, stages in life, grief etc.
  • Tony August 11 

    Reply to @Shivashakti: What a wonderful and thoughtful gift, your list! For me all this took place almost fifteen years ago, but I agree with every single point here.
    Let me see if I can add something. I would expand somewhat on your point "Humour and fun". I'd say the big part of the process for me was to undemonize many normal, ordinary, funactivities, which were forbidden under the YIDL yoke. I call it rediscover positive, beneficial sins. Rediscover Maya. Add some spice and juice back to your life. Become normal again.

    • Music, play or listen, even negative and angry music. Go for it, crank it up! It is the best.
    • Enjoy previously forbidden ingestibles (or inhalables), if you like, but use your brain, you know, some drugs are really bad for for you!
    • Sometimes, sleep in late. Sure, exercise, meditate, but don't be a slave to it anymore, it's meant to bring joy, not sense of duty or guilt of slacking.
    • Stay healthy if you can, but you know, everybody dies, so relax a bit. So, sometimes, eat something "bad for you" yet delicious to you (sugar, butter). The toxicity of worrying too much about your health is far more damaging than some occasional cholesterol OD.
    • Don't try to be always balanced, positive, friendly to all, etc. It is okay to feel angry, jealous, greedy, selfish, horny, etc. Everybody else is.
    • It is okay to crave a nice expensive camera, jewelry, dress, vacation... Get it if you can afford it.
    • The years of slavery have actually made you very strong and disciplined, so use it. Just re-channel your strength into something tangible, something real. Art, home renovations, start a new business or advance your career, learn to play an instrument, make more money, lose some weight.
    • There is a huge mystical universe outside of YIDL. Try some of the "competitors" methods: Martial arts, Tai Chi, church choir, Zen gardening, ride a unicycle, scuba dive.
    • Rediscover Nature, wilderness. Spend some time immersed in it. Rediscover true awe. Look at ocean, mountains, stars. Compared to the sheer awesomeness of Nature and this entire Universe, all man-made holy books and teachings are suddenly just pathetically... provincial.


Comments (2)

  • By illusion (Tuesday, December 6th 2011, 10:20pm)

    Looks like GodIsDad is giving advice from another perspective of "spiritual" experimenting. I personally find it inappropriate.

  • By GodIsDad (Tuesday, December 6th 2011, 9:27am)

    and do not forget to have GOOD SEX again! but unlike big fat loser have it with a partner you love with your heart. especially for men: think only of how you can please your lady. she will definitely answer with your wildest dreams.

    maybe start to use your sexual energy which is nothing but another expression of the spiritual energy for healing purposes. if you are male learn about the retention of semen to keep your life force, your prana (few women also need to keep it back) . you have already seen what happens if you just squirt your juices around like Swampiji: you will get all kinds of physical and mental diseases and lose your way.

    enjoy and find the right measure (not easy sometimes ;-)