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Sanskrit Showdown

We have recently dicovered this brief battle of minds, completely buried in the noise, and thus easily missed. On the original forum, the four posts presented here back-to-back were separated by several pages of unrelated posts.

If you are new around here, it would help to familiarize yourself with the main protagonist here, sriraman. All his rants on the old forum are definitely something to study (there is a total of fourteen posts, and they are all worth reading. To get the idea, try here or here. God bless you, Australia...seriously.

Anyway, it all started with this simple line, used by sriraman as a summarizing thought after a few paragraphs of serial incoherence. Enjoy!

sriraman May 2011 

As Roman would say in his fluent Sanskrit : Sathyam-eiva Jayathe (Truth alone Rises)

As Tony might say albeit sarcastically : time to get in the queue forming to fall at swAmi's feet 


Ivan May 2011 

Satyam eva jayate (not sathyam-eiva jayathe, dear Sriraman; and it means "the truth wins indeed", not "truth alone rises", the verb jayate comes from root JI, 4. "to win" and not from JAN, "to rise, be born" ;-) Indians should know this.

P.S. this misspelled and wrongly translated quote is just a metaphor which shows how shallow and superficial the whole YIDL enterprise is.

sriraman May 2011 

Unlike you Sanskrit grammar, usage, syntax, pronunciation, etimology and meter (part of Veda-Anga, limbs of Vedas) was part of my upbringing for 20 odd years. "Eiva" is a much stronger form of "Eva" meaning "Alone" and hence was used by me in this context

By the way, the "Jayte" is not victory as in Jayam/Vijayam, the "Jayathe" meaning "Rises" as in the famous Bhagavad Gita and Katha Upanishad quotation "Na Jayathe na Mriyathe-va kadachin, na-ayam bhuthva bhavitha va......"

So, dear Ivan, might I suggest that you go back to basic bhajans and simple mantras before trying to hold forth on the Upanishads, from one of which I took the quote and modified it for extra emphasis

Also, if you need some pointers towards basic Sanskrit lessons, please contact me offline at my email and would be happy to point you to some good ones

Ivan May 2011 

oh man, the word eiva (ei?) even doesn't exist in sanskrit; the same is with the words jayathe and mriyathe. From this mispronunciations I assume you are a south Indian ;-) Andhra? There are the words jāyate and mriyate (जायते म्रियते) from the roots JAN 4. and MṚ 6. but jayate from satyam eva jayate (सत्यमेव जयते) comes from JI, "to win" (see the short a?). Usually I don't discuss with trolls but this simple thing should be cleared out. No offence.

Man, this is national moto of India, the most beautiful place on the world... shame, shame.