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  1. About

    The comments and messages posted on this site reflect the opinions of their authors only. does not necessarily support or endorse any of the views expressed. All messages on this website should be evaluated critically, through a process of individual reflection and independent judgment. The administrators and moderators will attempt to keep all comments violating the terms of use off this website. Please understand it is impossible to review every post. Again, all messages express the views of the author only, and each author is held responsible for the content of his or her own comments. The owners of this site have the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread or blog for any reason. Any links to external websites, including news sites are provided without profit and for educational purposes only. Any publisher, webmaster or author that holds legal copyright, and objects to their material being posted here, may request that it be removed and any future material excluded.
  2. General Rules

    1. Free But Rules Apply

      There is no charge to register at this site, however, you must abide by the rules and guidelines as stated below. If you break the rules this is the range of what may happen:
      • in most cases you will be given a warning so its clear what is not acceptable
      • the offending content will be edited or deleted by a moderator
      • if you continue to break the rules then temporary suspension may be placed on your account
      • if you do something totally unacceptable, we are open to banning you immediately, indefinitely, without any warning.
    2. Personal Responsibility

      Please understand that you are personally responsible for all your comments and actions through this site.
    3. Age for membership

      Minors, children below the age of 18, may not become members of this site.
    4. Valid email

      To sign up as a member you have to use an existing email address to which you have access. If the email address is invalid, or you cannot access it, you cannot become a member of this site.
    5. Spamming

      Any form of attack on the physical infrastructure of the forum by flooding it with data, including repetitive posts on multiple threads, repetitive uploads of large attachments, indiscriminate reporting of all posts for moderation, etc. will not be tolerated.
  3. Privacy

    1. Personal Identity

      You may not publish any identifying details about other people including names, pictures and any other identifying information about them. Any identifying details published by you about yourself are your own responsibility. Be sure that anything what you publish cannot create any problems for you in the future.
    2. No Personal Contact Details

      You may not post any contact information without specific permission in advance from an administrator. Contact information posted without permission will be deleted. You may use the private messaging system for that purpose.
    3. Use of names

      You are not allowed to use any full descriptive name of The Organization or its affiliates in any language. The suggested name for the leader of The Organization is swAmi, his teacher G-ji or old gUru. Or use any other not easily recognizable code or acronyms. For any other person’s name use the first letter with three dots (example J… D… for John Doe).
  4. Content Rights

    1. Copyright

      This is a public website. Anything posted becomes readily accessible to the general public through the Internet. By this agreement you grant a perpetual, irrevocable and royalty-free non-exclusive license to the owners of this site to publish your comments/submissions on it. Any comment posted at this site may be edited or deleted by the specifically designated moderators. Conversely, with the exception of your own posts, you may not republish any content of this website elsewhere without the express consent from
    2. Editing and Deletion

      On the forums, you may edit your posts for 30 minutes after submitting them. After 30 minutes, no post can be edited or deleted unless a request is put to the moderator. Whilst most requests will be honored this is at the moderators discretion.
  5. Writing

    1. Boundaries Of Free Expression

      You may not publish any messages, images or videos that are obscene, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violate any laws.
    2. No Advertising

      This website is not a place for advertising or business promotions. While helpful relevant links posted are appreciated, you may not post links for the purpose of commercial promotion.
    3. No Preaching

      The purpose of this website is not to promote a specific religious and/or political viewpoint. You may not use it to preach or proselytize.
    4. No Personal Attacks

      Vitriolic posts that personally attack people on moderated forums will not be tolerated. Any member who does not contribute and is here solely to cause trouble, start empty arguments and/or intimidate people will be banned.
    5. Stay On Track

      Please respect the general topic headings listed at the main page of the forums and the related subheadings of each thread. You may not post random statements about unrelated subjects.
    6. Speak straight

      You may not post false statements, gross distortions, contrived fiction, and deliberately misleading statements.
  6. Registration

    Please, send a request to open an account directly to, and you will be added within 24 hours. Unfortunately, we were forced to disable automatic registration because of bots.