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Sunday, May 24th 2015, 1:16pm

Non Celibate Swamis of Yoga i. d. Life

The big Guru Sw said to his confused and troubled female disciple in Sydney, many moons ago: "It takes two to tango"...please have a look at my page:… (sorry, the proper name is not allowed here, it's censored) (hariharanand https://


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Wednesday, May 27th 2015, 11:06am


Good to have one more site spreading informations about the cult.

However one remark at :
"ALL-KNOWING LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS: Showed me and totally convinced me a 100%, that an all-knowing level of consciousness DOES EXIST, and that he has access to it 24/7! He has shown me time and time again, on a consistent basis, that he knows my past thoughts and actions, and my present thoughts and actions."

Even if he could read your mind ( which I clearly doubt) it would not be "all knowing", but only "your-mind knowing".

Then again,knowing how greedy he was for money and fame he would certainly use that siddhi to get fame and 1 000 000 $ from James Randi foundation. They still offer 1 000000$ to anyone who can prove any supernatural power of any kind. :thumbsup: