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Wednesday, September 13th 2017, 11:27am

This forum will probably close soon

Since Roman's death (the father of this forum), some of us have been paying the fees and trying to keep it going. I won't pay anymore, and I don't know anyone who will, some big-shot promised a lot, but will probably not follow through. So, in case anyone out there still cares, you could contact falseswamiji on the paramliar site, or me on my falseguru site, and I will forward your messages. Maybe someone could offer help shifting this forum on to a cheaper platform?

All in all, I'm totally annoyed with the lack of concern for others displayed by ex-members of the cult. (I'm talking about the Australians who left in 2011): They jumped out, but don't give a rat's a..s if someone else climbs on-board the Titanic. They lied to themselves and others by portraying themselves as spiritual people, but when the s..t the fan, they ducked for cover. They are cowards, selfish and not caring towards others at all, which makes them liars as well. I'm so disappointed with the Australians.

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